My 2014 Happiness Graph and Marching into 2015

As 2014 ends, I look back with excitement at the highs and the lows of the year and the lessons I learned.  I can truly say that 2014 was a good year, this is not to say it was all great stuff, but I learned to accept the not so nice stuff, and to take lessons from them. I am developing the skill of seeing a positive side to even the bad things in life.

There were many highs, better pay meant less financial stresses and I was glad for that. I was happy for myself when I was accepted into two law schools – a lifelong dream seemed within reach. Of course, it wasn’t time for me and so for many reasons, I once again had to put this dream on hold. The first time I did this was 23-years ago when my mom died just before I changed faculties. Maybe it is not God’s time for me to move into this direction.

Of course, there were down times such as sharing the pain when a dear friend lost his beloved wife. I am grieving with an in-law and friend as she struggles through a bad divorce. I hurt when another friend’s marriage crumbled.

I was happy for many others, such as being thrilled when my brother got his law degree and happier still when he was called to the bar in November. I was happy when a friend told she finally bought a house and another friend was able to move back into her own home. I rejoiced with friends who had babies and those who got married.

Being able to look at life’s hills and valleys and finding meaning is all part of maturing and growing as a person. This maturity doesn’t have to do with being old necessary, but it tends to go together. Case in point is my 10-year spouting words of wisdom when he read my 2015 goals.

I completed a broad 2015 goals divided into sections such as family, finance, personal, etc. My 10-year old read it, and then told me that since I am always so tired, if my financial goal was to make more money, then my family goals will suffer because I would need to work harder. He said that all I will want to do is sleep in the little time I would have free. OUCH!

Therefore, I am going back to the drawing board to revisit my 2015 goals since family time is important. Spending time with my child and husband is important. As a former co-worker said, in life, we have to juggle many balls, but we should work hard at not letting the ‘ball that is family fall.’ She is right!

My 2014 happiness graph if drawn would have lots of high points and low, but looking at it in my mind’s eye, I am striving to make the word ‘positive’ my word for 2015. This will keep me grounded on finding beauty and meaning in everything.

Juggling Balls
Juggling Balls

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