Saying Thank You To My Dad

Thank you

Sometimes, little things prompt you to say thank you to the people who have impacted your life in big ways and little ways. Most importantly, it is important to say thank you when the person or persons can still hear those words. I find that we take so many things for granted, that we rarely remember to express words of gratitude to those closest to us.

Christmas has always been a time of reflection and sadness, and especially so after the death of my mom in 1991. Each time as I approach this period of the year, I miss her more than I can express and wish I had just one more chance to say, “Mom, thank you for the love and sacrifices. Thank you for your encouragement and support.”

But dad is still here and as I have become older and a mom myself, I have grown to appreciate all the sacrifices they (my parents) have made for me, for us, their children. So today, I want to dedicate this post to my dad, daddy, a man, who have done a lot for helping me become the woman I am today.

As I sit and go back in time, I remember the Sundays when you washed my hair and put it in chiney bumps…they weren’t the best, but I felt special and wore them with pride. I remember the lazy Sunday evenings playing cricket with you and mom, and my siblings. I am smiling as I remember cutting my big toe so badly, and being happy that I would not be going to school for awhile. My toe was so badly injured, I could not wear shoes, but you dashed that dream of my staying home and just spending my time reading. You took a knife to my school shoe and cut a hole so my toes would stick out – there was no missing school for me. I was so mad with you then, but now I know you did it out of love. You wanted me to have a good education.

I thought you were so unkind for coming home after work, and after looking through my books, wanted to know why I got one question wrong when nine were correct. But now I know you did it out of love, and I thank you for caring. Thank you for the nights you took me to work with you so that I could study by electricity while you did your rounds as a night watchman.

I know you weren’t always the perfect dad, who is, but you were the best you knew how to be. Through you, I learned the value of honesty, respect, and love. Today, I honor you for being my father, for the sacrifices and the encouragement. Thank you, George Joseph McCurdy, I am proud to be your daughter.

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