15 Steps to Healthy Living

This book is a simple and straightforward guide to better living. True to the title, author, Gordon Fimreite lists 15 basic steps that can see you becoming healthier and developing good habits for a lifetime.  The steps outlined include helping you to lose weight naturally and ways to restore your energy.

I like that he refers to food as “your medicine and your poison” which is a simple truth that anyone can understand.  Gordon explains how to wean yourself off bad carbs. He doesn’t advocate just not eating something you love, he shows how to eliminate it from your diet while learning how to eat better and healthier foods.

Some of the advice given will be easier for people with cash resources, than those who are impoverished. The benefits of organic food are known, however, not everyone can spare the extra cash to purchase it. The author refers to scientific research but provides few such citations for the readers who may want to see them.

The book is well written and easy to understand.  The ideas are not new, but the presentation makes it easy to follow the steps. This book, 15 Steps to Healthy Living is one that anyone can use to help them develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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