You have written a book and now you want to know if it is
ready for the world!

Why Beta Reading?

Beta reading is a great way to know if you missed the mark
or hit the bullseye.  As a beta reader, I
will let you know my reaction to what I have read, pointing out areas that made
me laugh or cringe, etc. You will receive inline comments pointing out areas
that I believe need more work.

Once I have finished reading, I will send you a spreadsheet
with comments on the following:

  • Language
  • Pacing
  • Plot (Is it believable?)
  • Characters (Likeability, relatable)
  • The Ending

Feel free to send a list of questions that you have about
your manuscript. I will provide detailed answers to them.

I will point out any glaring grammatical errors, but will
not go into details on fixing them.

Why You Should Hire Me as Your Beta Reader

An avid reader all my life, I have developed a love of books
and writing. This insatiable love for the written word is why I do what I do:
reviewing books, editing and proofreading, and writing.


I charge $0.002 per word for fiction and $0.003 for

Turnaround time depends on your schedule for publishing;
however, I will complete all beta reading within two (2) weeks.

NOTE: Beta reading does not include editing or proofreading services.

Confidentiality: Your work will not be shared with anyone!

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