Left Across the Border: A Story of Teen Depression (Book 1)

This book took me by surprise. It wasn’t like other books I have read on depression. The simple, yet heartwarming story works. The writing style and the fact that the message is delivered through Flora, a real teen who experienced depression, will resonate with teens dealing with this issue.

Patrice Foster definitely delivers with Left Across the Border: A Story of Teen Depression as she allows Flora, the real life hero to speak to the reader. Just entering her formative years, this child crosses the border to make a better life in America for herself and her family. Without her family and far away from home with no money and unable to speak the language, Flora is left to find her way in a foreign land as an illegal immigrant.

Flora’s story will touch you, it may even make you cry or feel angry, but it will leave an impact. You feel her suffering and you take the steps with her as she faces her demons and works towards getting better.

The writing is clean and simple and will appeal to readers of all ages. Jamaican-born Foster writing style and method worked well with story.

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