Review: After You’re Dead: A Jake Roberts Novel (Book 5) by Cary Allen Stone

In After You’re Dead, the fifth novel in the Jake Roberts’ series, Cary Allen Stone takes you on a dangerous adventure as you follow Jake on his mission’. Trying to find solace after his beloved Caitlyn is murdered, Jake takes to his mountain home with only his dog for companionship.

Jake’s retirement won’t last long however, as an old friend is in need of help. Pablo’s wife has been snatched by a psychotic drug lord and Pablo needs Jake’s help if she is to be saved. To make matters worse, the kidnapper is related to Caitlyn’s murderer.

Unlike many novels, After You’re Dead starts with action that pulls you into the story right away. The fast paced tone of the book makes the reader anxious to keep going just to know what will happen next. Fans of Hannibal Lecter, will see vestiges of similarities to the escaped convict, Richard. Some sections may be difficult for some readers as they are gory and intense.

If this is your first book in the series, you will want to read the others. Cary Allen Stone is a fantastic writer and his writing style will appeal to lovers of action.

After You’re Dead

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