The Dane Law: The Atheling Chronicles: #2

This is my first time reading the work of Garth Pettersen, but if all his work is anything like The Dane Law: The Atheling Chronicles 2, he has a lifelong fan.The pace is quick and you will be kept engaged. Pettersen has a gift where his words paint pictures so clearly, you feel like part of the scenery. The rich historical detail adds to the telling of this gripping tale.

King Cnute wants to be true to his promise to let his son Harthacnute become king. However, he knows that Harthacnute does not have the best character. A better choice for the throne is Harthacnute’s half-brother, Harald, and the old King knows this. Of course, there is also the oldest son, Sweyn. Will this make it unsafe for Harold? Choosing an heir can be a bloody business.

The characters are well developed and true to the time period of the story. The romantic in me loved the relationship between Selia and Harald. You will want to rush in to tackle the bad guys and cheer each time the good guys ‘win’.

The spelling and genuine names of the period give some authenticity to this story. It is obvious that Pettersen did his research.

The Dane Law: The Atheling Chronicles 2 is an intriguing blend of adventure, romance, and humor. If you love historical fiction, you will love The Dane Law.

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