The Extraordinary Presence of God

Reading The Extraordinary Presence of God by Ann White Knowles was like a breath of fresh air. It was also a great way to reaffirm my faith in God. It reminded me that life is not all about sunshine and roses, but also rainfall, thorns and pain. It also reveals that miracles still happen every day. Of course, some miracles are easy to see, while others remain unexplained.


All the stories are great and you will find some that resonate with you more than others. I particularly liked Rebecca F. DePar’s story, ‘Life is a Miracle’ because like her, I choose to see the things that happen as ‘miracles’ rather than ‘luck’.  After reading her story, it is hard not to believe in angels and miracles. ‘Peace in the Midst of Suffering’ by Linda Harris will speak to the heart of parents who has to deal with all the pain of seeing their child afflicted by any serious illness.

As a Christian, everything is ordained. No matter how often I grab this little book to read, I always go back to the story, ‘Special Child’ by Claudia Russell.  In fact all the contributors had beautiful stories to share, all revealing what loving and trusting God is all about and how he works in our lives.

Whether you are a Christian or not, this book can still bring you comfort if you are facing life’s challenges. Some of the miracles are those that make ‘wow’ moments, while others will make you stop and smile. The Extraordinary Presence of God will definitely cause you to see and acknowledge the miracles in your life and the lives of those you know. This is one of those books that will become a treasured part of many readers’ collections.

Ann Knowles has collected an extraordinary set of stories in this book.

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